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Notices and Policies on Safety

Policies on Safety

1 – Policy on the number of pilots required aboard a ship at all times for Districts Nos. 1 and 1.1


2 – Policy on the safe duration of a voyage for District No. 1


3 – Policy on the double pilotage requirements in District No. 1 during the pre- and post-winter navigation periods


4 – Policy on the use of portable pilotage units in Districts Nos. 1 and 1-1


5 – Policy on ship transits during severe ice conditions in District No. 1


6 – Policy on consultation on the winter navigation period


7 – Policy concerning notices of night departure for voyages in District No. 1


8 – Policy on certain safety measures for District No. 1


9 – Policy on safety requirements during the pre- and post-winter periods in District No. 1


10 – Policy on the conduct of a vessel within a compulsory pilotage area


11 – Policy on master-pilot exchange (MPX)

>>> Part 1 : General Information on Pilotage - St. Lawrence River and Saguenay River

>>> Part 2 : Captain-Pilot Information Exchange Checklist


12 – Safety Standards, Measures and Pratices currently applicable in district No. 2


13 – Policy on Drug and Alcohol Use



> Notice to Holders of Pilotage Licences and Certificates - Policy on the Use of Cellular Phones and Electronic Devices


> Legalization of cannabis


> Notice - Pilot Boat Captains


> Notice to Industry - Pilot Transfer


> Non-Smokers’ Health Act


> Obligation to Have a Helmsperson Available on the Bridge


> Use of Transhipment bag Notice


> Notice to industry - Radars


> Training of apprentice pilots aboard ships


> Notice 27A Guidelines for the Transit of Wide Beam Vessels and Long Vessels in the Quebec-Montreal Seqment