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Apprenticeship Program for Apprentice Pilots

1. Apprenticeship program

During each year, an apprentice must:

a) acquire as much experience as will be useful to him before becoming a pilot by accumulating as many pilotage training missions as possible in that district;

b) abide by the pilot's orders and instructions on board ship;

c) fill in his pilotage source form and have it signed both by the Master and pilot for each voyage, and return it to the Dispatch Center without delay;

d) unless authorized to take a leave of absence by the Laurentian Pilotage Authority and the Pilots' Corporation, be ready and available for any mission that he may be given and report himself to the Dispactch Center after completion;

e) conform to all dispatching procedures in effect;

f) at the end of each year, fill in on the prescribed form of the Laurentian Pilotage Authority the summary of all trips accomplished therein. A final attestation is then forwarded by the Authority to each apprentice as well as to the Pilots' Corporation concerned;

g) follow a study program and attend all courses dispensed by the Pilots' Corporation.

2. Annual exams of the corporation

2.1 At the end of each year of training (12?month period), the Pilots' Corporation will administer written and oral tests to each candidate.
2.2 At the end of the twelve (12) months of apprenticeship period, the examinations are as follows:

a) a three-hour written exam on local knowledge;

b) an oral exam on local knowledge which duration is determined at the examiners’ discretion.

2.3 Following a twenty-four month training period, the candidate will undergo the pilot exam as stated in Section 4.3.

2.4 The candidate must obtain a passing note of 70% or more for each part thereof.

2.5 A candidate having failed the written test must rewrite it at the following scheduled session of the Board.

3. Training

Following his assignment, every pilot must accept and dispense on board ship?training to any apprentice at any time.

4. Pilot licence exam

4.1 As soon as permissible following the issuing of a "D" permit, the Board of Examiners will administer Part I of the pilotage exam to the apprentice, as described in paragraph 13 of the Pilotage Examination Process. There is one (1) written test in this exam.

4.2 An apprentice who has failed the exam will be required to rewrite the complete test again at the following scheduled session of the Board.

4.3 After duly completing at least a 24-month training period, have successfully passed annual tests, have satisfactorily undergone practical and academic stages, have met all the requirements of the Regulations and been recommended by the Pilots' Corporation concerned, the apprentice must sit for the pilot's licence exam as prescribed by the Board. Subject matter of this exam refers specifically to criterias contained in the Rules and Regulations as well as in the Syllabus for Pilot's Licence and Pilotage Certificate.

5. Continuous training

5.1 Unless otherwise for valid medical reasons, the apprentice must carry out all of his training without interruption until being formerly issued a class "C" pilot licence, or after having failed an exam three (3) times.

5.2 The Laurentian Pilotage Authority will automatically cancel a "D" permit if, for any reasons other than valid medical ones, the holder has interrupted his training for a period of more than one month.

6. Final licence exam

6.1 The final exam for the pilot's "C" licence is listed in Part II of the exams session described in the Pilotage Examination Process, and contains a written as well as an oral part.

A candidate must have successfully completed Part I before being admitted to sit for Part II.

6.2 The written part of the final exam is based on local knowledge and has a three?hour duration. The contents of the exam is described in Section 5 of the Syllabus for Pilot's Licence and Pilotage Certificate.

6.3 As previously mentioned, the candidate must have successfully completed Part I before admission to the orals.

6.4 The final part of the oral exam is based on local knowledge, meteorology, winter navigation, manoeuvre and Rules and Regulations. Its duration is at the discretion of the Board of Examiners.

7. Exam questions

The Board of Examiners is competent to test an apprentice pilot by asking him any question pertaining to the pilot’s duties.

8. Standards

Any candidate undergoing an oral exam must satisfactorily answer any question asked by the examinators or the Board of Examiners whichever the case.

9. Exam results

9.1 The Board of Examiners must present to the Laurentian Pilotage Authority a complete report of the exam results of every apprentice who has undergone a pilot licence exam, along with the necessary recommendations for the issuing of such a licence.

9.2 Passing notes for all exams are listed in paragraph 13 of the Pilotage Examination Process.

10. Failure at exam session

10.1 A candidate having failed any one part of the exam session will be allowed to continue his training until the next one, on condition that he can obtain a recommendation from the Pilots' Corporation and agrees to sit for the entire exam session again.

10.2 A candidate having failed three (3) times the same exam will be disqualified and will not be allowed to continue his apprenticeship program. The Laurentian Pilotage Authority will immediately confiscate and revoke his "D" permit.

10.3 Any failure at one part or other of any given parts of the exams as per paragraph 13 of the Pilotage Examination Process will be considered a failure as per the Regulations.

11. Issuing of the pilot’s licence

An apprentice pilot having met all of the requirements of the Law and Regulations as well as obtaining a recommendation by the Board of Examiners, will be issued a pilot's licence in accordance with Article 22 of the Law.